Ralph and Sandy

Give us a kiss and we will see you Monday.Be good and listen to your Grandpa. OK, OK, OK Sandra said. They both laughed and said we will see you Monday dad. Sandy and Ralph watched them pull out of the drive and waved goodby. OK Ralph said, Take your bag up stairs. My big bed room is at the end of the hall. You have three bed rooms to choose from.They all have clean sheets and a TV.So which ever one you want is fine with me. Ralph watched his grandaughter walk up the stairs and thought about what a beautiful girl she is becoming. He turned the TV on in the living room and started watching the Price is Right. About fifteen minutes later a most deffening sound started coming from up stairs. What the hell is that, he thought. He went up stairs and saw a light goming from the room that Sandy was in. She had a music channel on tv and the sound was turned up loud. Ralph started to open the door to tell her to turn it down. When he looked thru the small opening in the door he stoped in his tracks. Sandra was standing in front of the full length mirror completely naked. She was brushing her long brown hair. Ralph could see her full front in the mirror.Her little puffy nipples were just starting to come in.Her flat tummy looked smooth and silky. Her little mound had some brown peach fuzz. My god she is gorgeous he thought. Ralph realized that his cock had gotten rock hard looking at his grandaughter. Sandy finished brushing her hair and bent over to get something out of her bag. From his angle Ralph could see her ass hole and her pussy hole. Holy shit, she is beautiful. Ralph unzipped his shorts and pulled out his eight inch dick. Fucking shit I am about to pop and I hardly touched it. His hand slowly went up and down his shaft.God he thought I am about to come and I don’t have any thing to catch it in. He looked back thru the opening and Sandy was putting her swim suit on. Ralph went across the hall to his room and into his bathroom and pulled back the shower curtin and started shooting his load in to the bath tub. He could not remember whenor if he had ever shot off that much. He did not think he would ever stop cumming. After Ralph got his dick cleaned up and settled down he put his swim suit on and started back down stairs. He opened his bed room door at the same time as Sandy was coming out of her room. Hi Grandpa, she said, I did not know you were up stairs. Thats because your music was so loud.Ralph said.We have neighbors on both sides so you can not play your music that loud. I’m sorry Grandpait wont happen again. Thats OK punkin you didn’t know. Sandy was wearing a white bikini that did not leave much to the imagiantion. Nice suit Ralph said. Thanks GrandpaI boughtit last week. The top of the bottom was cut so low that the top of her pussy crack was almost showing. And when she turned around Ralph could see that it had no bottom just a string going down the crack of her ass. Nice butt. Ralph said.Your parents let you wear that? They have not seen it yet.I went to the mall with my friend and her mom and thats when I boutht it. You wont tell them will you Grandpa? Not me, Ralph said, my lips are sealed. Its lunch time.Do you want lunch before the pool? We stopped to eat before we got here so I am not hungry right now. OK then lets grab a towel and hit the water.Ralph said. Sandy ran down the stairs and out the sliding door in the living room. Ralph did not move as fast so by the time he got to the pool Sandy was already in the water and trying to get on her tube. Ralph was watching her try to get on the tube and when she would throw her leg over she would slide back in to the water. Ralph saidwait a sec and I will help you up there. He jumped in the water and swam over to Sandy. Put your leg up and I will push you from the bottom. When Ralph put his hand on her naked bottom he could feel her smooth warm skin.He saw that the string between her ass cheeks did not stay in place very well. Ralphpushed her on to the tube and his fingers accidentaly slid between her butt cheeks.He felt a twinge in his cock and knew he was getting another boner. Sandy stood up and dived back in the water.She come up splashing water in to her grandpas face.Ralph grabed her and picked her up and put her on his shoulders where he dunked her back into the water.She came back up and put her arms around his neck and wraped her legs around his waist. Ralphs dick was getting harder by the second. He dumped her back in to the water and when she came back up she bumbed her head on his iron pipe cock. Sandy either did not notice or pretended not to notice. She turned around and backed up against her grandpa. Ralphs hard dick was pushing into her lower back. Sandy put her hand around to her back and she touched his cock. Oh!Thats you grandpa.I was wondering what was so hard back there. Sandy swam to the side of the pool and got out. Ralph thought, oh no,now she will hate me for ever. Sandy walked around to the diving board and said watch this grandpa.I am going to do a double back flip. She dove off the board and hit the water with a big splash.When she came up she started looking around. Grandpa, She said,I lost my swim suit. How did that happed he said. I don’t know. It just came undone. I see it Ralph said its on the bottom under the board. Let me get the pole and I will fish it out for you. Ralph got out of the pool and got the cleaning pole. When he turned around his naked grandaughter was standing behind him. His hard on was sticking stright up and very noticeable. Ralph said let me go get your suit out of the pool.Its almost 5 oclock so lets call it a day and order a pizza. OK she said. Sandy got a towel and started drying her hair while her grandfather retrived her suit. When Ralph came in the house Sandy was in front of the TV with the towel wrapped around her. I put your suit on the washing machine. What do you want on your pizza? Pepperoni, Sandy said. Do you want any wings or cheese sticks to go with it? Yes. Which one. All of the above. You want pizza wings and cheese bread. Yes, I hungry nuff to eat horse. After Ralph ordered the food he asked Sandy if she wanted to go any where tonight. I don’t think so. I’m tired. OK than why don’t you go putyour PJson and when the food gets here we will settle down in front of the TV for the night. Sandy went up to puthor PJs on and about ten minutes latter Ralph heard her call from upstairs. Grandpa. Yes my dear. Guess what I forgot? What. My PJs. You forgot your PJs, What are you going to do? I don’t know do you have a T shirt I can wear. Go into my room top right hand dresser drawer.take your pick. Sandra came down the stairs giggling like little girls giggle. Grandpa she said this shirt will fit three of me, Ralph looked at his grandaughter and started laughling out loud. The neck of the shirt was hanging down below her chest and the sleves were down to her wrist and the tail was dragging on the floor. They both laughed until the food arrived and they eat in front of the TV. After dinner Ralph put a movie in the dvd and sat back on the couch with his feet on the coffee table. Sandy decided to lay on the couch with her head on her Grandpaslap. After a few minutes Ralph put his hand on Sandys hip. He started massaging her hip and trying to pick up the nerve to rub her ass. Just thinking about her ass was giving Ralph a hard on. He moved his hand around to her ass and discovered she had no panties on. His dick got harder. His hand was trying to get closer to her ass crack when Sandy said,Grandpa, what are you doing? Oh I’m sorry babe. Sandy stood up and let the t shirt fall to the floor. She laid back down on her back and took her Grandpas hand and put it between her legs. Thats OK Grandpa,she said,You can play with it. Holy shit, He thought,My hand is on my grandaughters naked pussy and she is OK with it. He gently ran his finger alone her young smooth crack. His cock was getting harder and harder and almost ready to explode. He very carefully slid his finger beteen her pussy lips. Grandpa. Yes dear. I’m not going to break. Sandy reached down and took her clit and said, its not going to break if you squeez a little harder. But you are so soft and smooth. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m a girl, I am suppose to be soft and smooth.Boys are suppose to be hard and rough. She reached back and put her hand on his cock and said see you are hard now. You can do any thing to me.She said. He stood up and reached down and picked her up into his arms.She put her arms around his neck and raised her face to meet his lips.There tongues were entangled with each other. They kissed passionatly for a few moments and then Ralph carried hisnaked Grandaughter up to his room with the big bed. Ralph put Sandy in the middle of the king size bed then he ripped off his shirt and shorts. His hugh cock sparng free and pointed stright up. He crawled on to the bed and hovered over his grandaughter.Sandy reached up and touched his muscular chest and his hard abs. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead and then he kissed each of her big brown eyes and her pug noseand rosey cheeks and then their mouth met again and he put his tongue inside her mouth and she bit gently down on it giving him sexual shivers all over his body., Then he kissed her neck and shoulders and underarms working his way down her body. Her puffy little brown nipples were harder then ever as he took one and then the other in his mouth and bit very carefully and sucked on them. Oh Grandpa that feels wonderful.Bite harder, suck harder god that feels good. Grandpa. Yes baby. Do you think my boobs will ever grow? Oh baby they are perfect just the way they are. But yes they will grow and they will be magnificant. Ralph continued down his grandaughters stomach to her navel andthen to her bump with the peach fuzz. His tongue found the top of her pussy crack. Grandpa oh Grandpa I am so wet I feel like I peed myself. Ralphs tongue found her clit and he put it in his mouth and started sucking on it. Oh god dammsuck my pussy suck it hard Grandpa suck it hard. His finger found her pussy hole and he started finger fucking her and sucking her clit. His hand became drenched in her pussy fluids as his finger continued to go in and out in and out. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.I’m going to cum,fuck me harder fuck me harder. Ralphs other finger found her ass hole and it was wet from her pussy juices so he slid a finger into her ass hole. He was sucking her clit with a finger working her pussy and a finger working her ass hole. Sandy was going crazy. Oh my god, oh my god,fuck me,fuck my ass, fuck everythingjust fuck me. He continued to pump his fingers inand out of her as fast as he could. He bit down on her clit. Bite it off Grandpa bite the fucker off. Oh shit I’m cuming,I’m c u m m m mn n g g g. Sandys pussy juices were flowing so hard that Ralph was having a hard time keepping his fingers inside her. He raised her ass into the air so he could have better access to her pussy’ His mouth went to her hole and he plunged his tongue deep inside her and Sandy went wild again. Then he started licking her ass hole and putting his tongue inside and then back to her pussy. He could feel her start to quiver and shake and Ralph knew that she was cumming again. Oh fuck Grandpa,Oh shit.don’t ever stop. Sandy had never felt any thing this great in her life and was about to pass out from all the pleasure. Ralph then went up and kissed her hard on the mouth and she could taste her pussy and ass hole and she loved it. Ralph rolled off his grandaughter and Sandy immediatley attacked his giant cock. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and started pumping up and down. She was trying desperatly to get more than just the head into her mouth.She ran her tongue around the head of it and tried to put it in his pee hole.With one hand she reached down and started squeezing his cum filled balls. I’m cumming Sandy I’m cumming. She put both hands back on his shaft and started pumping faster. Oh you little bitch make me cum. Oh shit I’m cumming now. His cum was filling Sandys mouth so fast she couldnt swallow fast enough. The head slid out of her mouth in mid stream and he continued shooting his load into her face and chest and stomache. Oh baby that was great. That was so great.Oh baby I love you. Look at me grandpa. I am covered in your cum. Sandy took her finger and started scraping the cum off her and putting it in her mouth.Oh this is good she said. They lay beside each other on the big bed. Are you OK?Ralph asked. Oh Grandpa I have never been better.That was the greatest thing ever. I love you Grandpa. I love you too baby. Grandpa. Yes dear. Will you buy me a laptop computer? Yes, we will go to the store in the morning and you can have what ever you want. Sandy smiled as they drifted off to sleep. 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